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        1. Experience brilliance in one place

          No more back and forth from one app to another

          About MyF2F App

          Designed for convenience by Fibre2Fashion, MYF2F app is a handy application garnering varied business related apps under one fold. It is a smart app, tailor-made to spare entrepreneurs from tedious task of floundering for different individual apps. This app renders access to diverse Textile applications like News, Recruitment, Market Intelligence and eCAAS(e-Commerce as a service). It is quick, simple and user friendly, notifying you with important updates concerning to Textile Business.

          • Designed to fulfill your business needs
          • Save time
          • Updates on regular time intervals
          • Download and update all Fibre2Fashion apps from one location
          • Navigating you to the app of your interest

          Product listings, inquiries from prospects, building a worldwide business network- all of these at a single touch | Chat instantly with your prospects in real-time| Set product-specific matching alerts

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          Read the daily fashion, textile and garment latest news update | Bookmark the News stories via the bookmark feature and read it later at your convenience. Listen to the News Stories with Text-to-Speech feature while you are busy with other activities.

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          Simple and free signup for job seekers | Up-to- date notifications regarding new job openings and opportunities matching your job profile in textile industry | Allows to set preferred job alerts as, it’s not one-size fit all phenomenon in the context of fashion jobs

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          Up-to-the-minute industry updates, feedstock reports, and textile news from around the globe in just a couple of clicks | Historical and current pricing trends of raw materials through graphs and charts | Daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly Market Watch reports

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          A globally recognized leading monthly publication that disseminates latest information & developments in global Textiles & apparel Industry providing an array of information on the rapidly changing world.

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          Sell on Multiple marketplaces and manage one through eCAAS | Register on Domestic and International marketplaces. | Cataloging & Listing | Inventory Management | Order Processing | Returns & Reputation management

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