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        1. Brand Building Solutions

          The creative approach to supercharge your brand

          Add life to your business ideas with our Brand Building Solutions

          Strategized branding
          Carefully chosen
          target group
          Global penetration
          Rich online viewership

          Solutions That Can Enhance Your Brand

          Display Ads

          Web Ads

          Creative display ads on Fibre2Fashion’s core channels which are highly visited by industry leaders & major players.


          Innovative videos that serve as brilliant visual ads and help grab the attention of the target audience


          Fibre2Fashion Newsletter, showcasing industry happenings, innovation & announcements, reaches to over 1 lakh registered members every month

          Creative ads in a monthly publication with a massive subscriber base and world-wide circulation

          Mobile Site

          Highly-effective ads that reach mobile-specific audience

          Content Promotion

          Press Releases

          Promotion through company's press releases published on Fibre2Fashion's pulsating News segment to create cognizance


          Marketing of new products, innovations and technological advancements through informative content

          Featured Articles

          Editorial content promoting product launches, business trends and growth opportunities

          White Papers

          Research papers & studies power-packed with technical specifications, giving in-depth insight into the product


          Live streaming of fashion shows, events and knowledge meets which help capture the attention of audience and display results in real-time

          Marketing & Partnering Events

          Fibre2Fashion helps businesses forge meaningful partnerships and engage with textile industry leaders from around the world through a plethora of events. From conferences and product launch meets to knowledge-sharing events, Fibre2Fashion aids clients in maximizing market opportunities and ultimately driving their bottom-line results.

          In-Fair Ads

          Don’t have the bandwidth to participate in fairs? You can still grab the attention of your target audience and industry decision-makers through Live Ads. Enabling you to build your online visibility, these Ads can help take your business to new heights.

          Create your own branding campaign

          Pick the media that

          best suits

          your business goals

          DISPLAY ADS

          Banner Ads
          Video Promotion
          F2F Magazine
          Mobile site banner

          Content Promotion

          Press Releases
          Features Articles
          White paper
          Marketing & Partnering Events
          In-fair ads

          State Bank of India

          State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest banking and financial services company in India.

          Lenzing Fibers

          The Lenzing Group is a world market leader with headquarters in Austria.

          WI YARN

          Nantong CO-OP Textile Exchange Co. Ltd. is a textile exchange service providing firm.

          Emirates Sky Cargo

          Emirates Sky Cargo offers comprehensive cutting-edge cargo solutions.

          Case Studies of Our Projects

          We helped them enhance their brand presence.


          DyStar Group offers customers across the globe a diverse range of colorants.

          Cordura Fabric

          CORDURA fabrics is a well-renowned manufacturer of high performance gear and apparel.

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