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        1. Corporate Membership

          Corporate Solutions for All Your Business Needs

          Business Networking
          Media Promotion
          Price Trends
          Multi User Access

          Corporate Membership Plan

          Business Networking
          PR & Media Promotion
          Fibre2Fashion Magazine
          Sourcing & Vendor Development Solutions
          Effective Hiring Solution
          Business Dashboard
          Customer Support
          Strategic Co-Marketing Website
          Multi-user license
          Brand Promotion
          Latest Industry News & Insights
          Updates on upcoming Trade Fairs & Events

          Customize Your Plan

          Have a specific need?
          We can tailor-make the plan to suit your needs.

          Trusted by Leading Businesses Around the World

          • Mr. S K Ganguly
          • Mr. Nishank Patel
          • Amarashish Phanse
          • Dr. PR Roy
          • Sunil Singhal
          • Mr. S K Ganguly, Director
            Suripi Textiles Pvt Ltd
            I am extremely satisfied with the services of Fibre2fashion!
          • Mr. Nishank Patel, Owner
            Shri Dinesh Mills Limited
            Fibre2Fashion is a great example of digital marketing.
          • Amarashish Phanse, Business Development / Corp. Communication
            Globe Textiles (India) Pvt. Ltd.
            Your continued support and cooperation from all quarters is appreciated.
          • Dr. PR Roy, Former Group Chief Executive
            Arvind Mills
            I sincerely appreciate Fibre2Fashion's brilliant concept of bringing all concerned in a rapidly growing sector like Nonwovens under one common umbrella
          • Sunil Singhal, HCM-Officer
            Welspun India Ltd.
            This is an amazing portal which provides enquiries needed by any textile industry, employer, professionals, including recruitment& to technical innovations and contacts. Easy access of the portal increases its importance and I am sure this portal is a mandatory need of any textile business.

          OUR CLIENTS

          Vibgyor Global Trade Private Limited
          Dulon Zipper
          Charu Creations Private Limited
          Mediter Impex Corporation
          Wenzhou Qsp Synthetic Leather Company Limited
          Shringar Kunj
          Annammarr International
          Precission Fabrics India Private Limited
          CZC international Group
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