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        1. Recruitment Solutions

          to help you build a world-class team

          Full access to a massive talent pool
          Get customized alerts based on your preferences
          Online control panel to stay on top of hiring process
          Gain maximized visibility to reach out to top talent
          Online assessment engine to recruit quality candidates
          Guided search and advanced recruiting filters

          Our Plans

          Half Yearly

          • Post Up to 50 Job Postings
          • Priority listing over other jobs
          • Access up to 50,000 resumes
          • Personalized offline support
          • End-to-end support in sourcing - screening - hiring
          • Interactive dashboard


          • Post Unlimited Job Postings
          • Priority listingover other jobs
          • Creative display banners
          • 'Featured Employer' and 'Hot jobs' tags
          • 50,000 emailers or SMS
          • Full access to all resumes
          • Personalized offline support
          • End-to-end support in sourcing - screening - hiring
          • Interactive dashboard

          Trusted by Leading Businesses Around the World

          • Mr. DK Sharma
          • Mr. Kunal
          • Ms. Yashiki Gumber
          • Mr. Sudeep Jambekar
          • Mr. Praneet Tulshyan
          • Mr. DK Sharma, Head-Admin & HR
            We have selected candidates for our company with the help of your portal. Your job portal is highly helpful in getting right quality of people from the industry and we find it very useful.
          • Mr. Kunal, Head Designer
            ABA Fashion Ltd
            I worked closely with the team at Fibre2Fashion. The process was first rate and the Consultant was communicative and transparent throughout a process that was moving at pace. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Fibre2Fashion team to anyone looking to recruit any talent or indeed, to those embarking on their next move.
          • Ms. Yashiki Gumber, Director
            Sahiba Group Of Companies
            The forte of F2F over other portals is that it offers you an exhaustive collection of candidates across all the areas of work, who have been working specially in the Textile Industry, giving you the just right kind of candidates you want for an unorganized sector like Textiles.
          • Mr. Sudeep Jambekar, Senior Manager - HR
            Zydex Industries Pvt. Ltd
            Fibre2Fashion has helped us in channelizing our demands in a focused manner. Since, it is only related to Textile / Fashion Industry, job postings attracted only relevant job seekers. Quality of job seekers was at par. Thus, our efforts are properly channeled. The client servicing team has been cooperative enough to solve any query at any given point of time. Overall, It was a good experience recruiting through the Recruitment Services of Fibre2Fashion. Looking ahead for more to come…
          • Mr. Praneet Tulshyan, Executive Director
            Indira Exports Private Limited
            Great quality of CVs received and a lot of responses certainly for just few listings. The candidates found were genuine ones. The database was also a big help for downloading other required CVs. They have developed a User-Friendly website, which is easy to use. Overall the experience was very good.

          Let Us Enable You to Recruit the Best Talent.

          OUR CLIENTS

          Bombay Rayon Fashion Limited
          Oreint Craft Limited
          Quantum Clothing India Limited
          Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd.
          Li and Fung Limited
          Grasim Industries Limited
          Arvind Limited
          Sahiba Group of Industries
          Peker Group International
          Pearl Academy
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