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        1. Strategic Consulting Services

          Mergers & Acquisitions

          What We Do?

          Strategic Consulting Service division's core expertise is consultation, liaison and networking. We help organizations find best solution and opportunities for buying/selling of their running business units. We design tailor made solutions to facilitate businesses per their requirement. It can be anything from - restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, selling compete plant & machinery.

          Scope of Services

          • Restructuring and
            Mergers & Acquisitions
          • Buying & Selling
            of business units
          • Asset Sale & Purchase
          Plants available for Sale

          Who We Are?

          Fibre2Fashion is a strong marketing and business networking channel that has been a powerful catalyst of success for number of textile enterprises globally.

          With the aid of high-end technology, digital media, wide industry network, immense knowledge and experience, it has successfully rendered effective business and branding solutions to major business groups of the textile niche.

          Have successfully facilitated acquisition deals of over 200 crore in past couple of years.

          Our Core Strength

          Years of Expertise
          Registered Members
          Decision Makers
          Trusted by Fortune
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