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          Florian Heubrandner, Lenzing AG

          Florian Heubrandner
          Lenzing AG

          Sustainable and eco-friendly fibres remain in the minority

          Textile Industry, Head honchos

          Textile Industry
          Head honchos

          Consistency is the first rule of social media

          Textile Industry, Head honchos

          Textile Industry
          Head honchos

          Biggest learning was adaptability

          Rishav Bajoria & Subham Sengupta,

          Rishav Bajoria & Subham Sengupta

          Launched in October 2020, the Gumti app could not have come at a more...

          Kriti Kanodia,

          Kriti Kanodia

          A TV show in 2012 where actor Sonam Kapoor customises her own pair of...

          Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain,

          Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain

          Saad Group is a leading vertically integrated textile group in Bangladesh. ...

          Hemant Bheda, Arevo

          Hemant Bheda

          Arevo, based in Silicon Valley in California, develops technology to...

          Karan Bose, Hula Global

          Karan Bose
          Hula Global

          Hula Global, a leading isolation gown manufacturer in India, has been...

          Wolfgang Plasser, Lenzing AG

          Wolfgang Plasser
          Lenzing AG

          The Lenzing Group is an international company headquartered in Austria...

          Ramya Rao & Kavea R Chavali, Kalaneca

          Ramya Rao & Kavea R Chavali

          <div>The journey of Kalaneca (kala-Art, Neca- Nikaah) formally began in...

          Samant Chauhan, Label Samant Chauhan

          Samant Chauhan
          Label Samant Chauhan

          Delhi based fashion designer, <b>Samant Chauhan</b> who mostly works on...

          Sarah Denise Cordery, Sarah Denise Studio

          Sarah Denise Cordery
          Sarah Denise Studio

          Manchester, England-based Sarah Denise Studio provides relevant fashion...

          Analyst Corner View More

          Brexit, COVID-19, and UK’s apparel exports

          UK is seeing the worst economic shocks, currently going through a labour shortage which is stifling its post-COVID...

          Retail apparel & footwear sales face pressures in large economies

          Retail sales is one of the most accurate indicators of consumer sentiment and a leading indicator for overall economic...

          US infrastructure plan: catalyst for global growth

          The US Senate recently announced a USD 1.2 trillion infrastructure spending plan to provide much needed acceleration to ...

          Is US textile & apparel trade really shifting out of China?

          US apparel imports from China have moderated this year, which paired with the prevalent trade tensions, might give the...

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