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          Job in Madura Coats Pvt Ltd for Executive - Manufacturing

          Executive - Manufacturing
          Posted On :04-Mar-2020   

          Madura Coats Pvt Ltd
            Job Location : Tuticorin (India)
            Experience : 1-6 Years
          Salary : Undisclosed

          Job Description

          Ensure safe working methods and conditions for his shift employees.
          To take care of their own zones to maintain good culture.
          To activate all the machinery as per Log plan.
          To ensure that output from all the machinery meet the production and quality standards.
          To control labour activities in their respective shifts.
          Principal Accountabilities
          Implement H&S Policy and ensure safe working environment to all the workers in their respective departments.
          Implement SOP and monitor for consistency in quality of the products at all stages
          Meet the production as per Log plan in their respective departments and ensure machinery balancing between departments for different counts/mixing.
          Daily allocation of workers in the respective shifts to ensure planned utilisation of the installed machinery.
          Meet the standard efficiency in all the machines with minimum waste.
          Control / deal Labour absenteeism and drop out in their respective shift.
          Monitor and Control the quality standards at all stages of process.
          Train and improve the skills of the labours.
          Implement the workload as per management instruction.
          Identify the risks in process and behaviours to take mitigating actions.
          Managing the tracking tools.

          Key Skill

          • Manufacturing,Planning,Machine Efficiency,Machines,Shift Management,Product Development

          Eligibility Criteria

          • Any Specialization


          • Salary : Undisclosed
          • Category : Garment/Apparels
          • Subcategory : Manufacturing & Production
          • Gender Prefrence : Any
          • Position : 1
          • Role Executive - Manufacturing

          Company Profile

          Madura Coats Pvt Ltd

          Coats has a long heritage and has been serving customers and playing a part in communities for more than 250 years.
          Our well known brands and company-wide understanding of our customers and consumers mean our products and services meet current and future needs. Our strong relationships with our business partners and consumers, coupled with the deep expertise of our people, builds trust and certainty.
          We supply yarn, zips, sewing and needlework products to a wide range of markets around the world.
          Our products are part of the fabric of everyday life: from clothing, accessories and furniture to fibre optics and healthcare items. Last year we dyed over 150 thousand different colours in over three and half million production batches, making Coats the world's leading player in industrial threads and textile consumer crafts products, and the second largest global zip manufacturer.

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          +91-99099 91595
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