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          Job in Sintex Industries for Maintenance Manager

          Maintenance Manager
          Posted On :28-Feb-2020   

          Sintex Industries
            Job Location : rajula (India)
            Experience : 10-15 Years
          Salary : Undisclosed

          Job Description

          Responsible for all maintenance activities
          Planning of preventive and plant replacement Maintenance schedule.
          To prepare annual budget and get approval from management.
          Developing maintenance procedures and ensuring implementation.
          Allocate work as per requirements.
          To monitor spare parts inventory on shop-floor and store.
          To monitor and control expenses as per budget for maintenance.
          Regular follow ups with purchase department regarding spare parts requirements.
          To ensure quality of incoming materials (Spare parts) and availability on time.
          To maintain desired optimum output (productivity) with best product quality.
          Waste generation is optimized properly according to quality needs.
          Machine health & availability is maintained by with best work practices & reducing

          Key Skill

          • Maintenance,Maintenance of Equipments,Machine down time,Machines,Machine Maintenance

          Eligibility Criteria

          • B.Tech/B.E. in Any Specialization


          • Salary : Undisclosed
          • Category : Engineering ,Utility & Maintenance
          • Subcategory : Utility Incharge
          • Gender Prefrence : Any
          • Position : 1
          • Role Maintenance Manager

          Company Profile

          Sintex Industries

          Our history goes back to 1931! And we’re as true to our guiding principles today as we were back then. For more than 8 decades, we have been helping our clients, industries and societies prosper. We’ve been leading the way in Textiles and Yarns, and are present across major Asian, European, American, and African markets.

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          +91-99099 91595
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