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          Job in Chiripal Group for Powerplant & Boiler Engineer

          Powerplant & Boiler Engineer
          Posted On :05-Mar-2020   

          Chiripal Group
            Job Location : Ahmedabad (India)
            Experience : 4-5 Years
          Salary : Undisclosed

          Job Description

          Candidate should have experience in Operation & Maintenance of Utility equipment - Package Boilers, turbine-generator, conveyor system, Air compressors, Chillers, DG sets, Cooling tower, etc.
          To ensure non stoppage zero defects scheduled trimming activities .
          Engineer in charge of the water treatment program (open & closed loops).
          To ensure efficient running of boiler through proper availability of saw dust and reduce the consumption of firewood in incinerator.
          To design and implement working procedures in workers level

          Key Skill

          • Maintenance,Maintenance of Equipments,Operation & Control,Operation Monitoring,Operation of Equipments,Power Failure

          Eligibility Criteria

          • B.Tech/B.E. in Any Specialization


          • Salary : Undisclosed
          • Category : Engineering ,Utility & Maintenance
          • Subcategory : Boiler Operator
          • Gender Prefrence : Any
          • Position : 1
          • Role Powerplant & Boiler Engineer

          Company Profile

          Chiripal Group

          Established in the year 1972, Chiripal Group of Companies has established a strong position as one of the leading integrated textile house manufacturing fibre to fabrics under one roof in the country.

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          +91-99099 91595
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