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          Market Intelligence

          Designed to assist you for a strategic & informed decision making process in your business, TexPro is a one-of-a-kind user interface service. Serving as the go-to authority for market updates and trends, TexPro brings you with well-rounded information on raw material prices, export-import data, existing tariff rates of various countries, non-tariff barriers in place, trade agreements and government policies, amongst others.
          Technical Textiles

          Technical Textiles

          TechnicalTextile.net, a Fibre2Fashion initiative, is driven by the passion to enable businesses associated with the technical textiles industry meet their exact information needs and build successful brands.

          Interviews View All

          Textile Industry, Head honchos

          Textile Industry
          Head honchos

          Fabric selection & recommendation based on client's brief

          Gaurav Davda, Jindal Worldwide Ltd

          Gaurav Davda
          Jindal Worldwide Ltd

          Indian MMF sector to become globally competitive

          Textile Industry, Head honchos

          Textile Industry
          Head honchos

          Multi-functional garments will be next big thing

          Seema Mishra,

          Seema Mishra

          Set up in January 2020 by <b>Seema Mishra</b>, the Kasrawad Art Cluster...

          Kurt Wedgwood,

          Kurt Wedgwood

          From design to raw material to fabrication and ultimately to delivery -...

          Yawer Ali Shah,

          Yawer Ali Shah

          Synthetic colours and dyes were all the rage till the very first ban on...

          Kevin Young & Tom Lucas, Web Industries

          Kevin Young & Tom Lucas
          Web Industries

          Web Industries is a precision formatter of nonwoven materials used in baby ...

          Dr. Sean Blamires, Evolution and Ecology Research Centre

          Dr. Sean Blamires
          Evolution and Ecology Research Centre

          Using spider silk for clothing may not seem to be an attractive...

          Sameer Sonkusale & Rachel Owyeung, Tufts University

          Sameer Sonkusale & Rachel Owyeung
          Tufts University

          A team at the Tufts University in Massachusetts was recently in news for...

          Sandeep Gonsalves & Sarah Gonsalves, Sarah & Sandeep

          Sandeep Gonsalves & Sarah Gonsalves
          Sarah & Sandeep

          Established in 2012, Sarah &amp; Sandeep is a luxury menswear label...

          Anjali Bhaskar, Samatvam

          Anjali Bhaskar

          Samatvam, a womenswear brand that blends age-old craftsmanship with modern ...

          Gavin Miguel, Label Gavin Miguel

          Gavin Miguel
          Label Gavin Miguel

          Acclaimed fashion designer <b>Gavin Migue</b>l is known for his couture...

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