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          Textile Industry News, Articles and Market Intelligence

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          Your Market Research Partner for Textile & Apparel sector!

          All that you need to know right from Pricing, Trade Data, Tariff & Non-Tariff Regulations, Trade Agreements, Country Profiles, Analysis of Brands & Retailers, Government Notifications, News & Articles to Events & Exhibitions. Build effective Sourcing Strategies with TexPro.

          Market Watch Report

          Textile Market Watch Report is a comprehensive fortnightly price trend and market analysis report for feedstock, fibre and yarn products.


          Cotton Intelligence

          Cotton Intelligence is a special set of reports on Cotton that will keep you updated on price trends, market analysis, trade analysis...


          Customized Report

          Custom Market Research Reports provide in-depth analysis for the entire textile & apparel value chain. We collate-analyze-deliver successful value propositions through a deep-rooted research.



          The informative Web-Based Seminars or Webinars as well all know it, are a wonderful medium of disseminating knowledge without leaving...


          Analyst corner

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          Want us to customize the research for you?

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