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        1. Textile Market Price Trend Report

          Textile Market Watch Report is a comprehensive fortnightly price trend and market analysis report for feedstock, fibre and yarn products. The report covers entire Textile value chain from cotton fibre, polyester, nylon, viscose, acrylic, spandex and wool. Daily, weekly and fortnightly reports will be directly delivered to your inbox. Historical data for last 10 years is available for various products.

          Products Covered


          Keeps you updated on International Price Trends

          Crude Oil Dated Brent 82.05 USD/Brl
          Naphtha Rotterdam (FOB) 752.987 USD/mt
          PET Chips Korea (FOB) 1275 USD/mt
          ASF 1.5 Denier China (FOB) 2.90 USD/Kg
          Nylon FDY 70D/24F NE Asia (FOB) 3.01 USD/Kg
          Benzene India (CFR) 990 USD/mt
          Toluene Japan (CFR) 870 USD/mt
          P-Xylene Korea (FOB) 900 USD/mt
          M-Xylene Rotterdam (FOB) 840 USD/mt
          Methanol SE Asia (CFR) 447 USD/mt

          Prices last updated on : November 15, 2021

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